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Umihara Kawase Grappling Hooks Itself Onto PlayStation 4


umihara kawase fresh

Umihara Kawase Fresh, which released for Nintendo Switch earlier this year, is set to come to PlayStation 4 as well, announced Success.


A release date has not been announced for the PlayStation 4 version, and will be announced later. The PS4 version will make its first appearance at Konami’s booth at TGS 2019.


As a reminder about what Umihara Kawase Fresh is about, instead of Umihara Kawase platforming through various rooms, this game has her taking a more exploratory angle through a vast open world. The gameplay is based on clearing missions that for the most part have you making your way from point A to point B in the world.


Umihara Kawase Fresh is available on Nintendo Switch, and has been announced for PlayStation 4.

Alistair Wong
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