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Uncle From Another World Resumes Airing in March 2023

Uncle is back from another long absence. Following a third lengthy delay in 2022, Uncle From Another World will resume broadcasting in March 2023. The broadcast will pick up from episode 13, which was originally scheduled to air on December 29, 2022. [Thanks, Oricon News!]

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Uncle From Another World, also known as Isekai Ojisan, has had a litany of production troubles. The show premiered in July 2022, but a surge in coronavirus infections prompted a delay in broadcasting after the fifth episode. In September 2022, the production committee opted to suspend production on the show outright. The drastic move effectively cut the show’s Summer 2022 broadcast run at episode seven, and the remaining slots were filled with reruns of earlier episodes. Production and broadcasting resumed in October 2022, but episode 13 was again postponed before its planned air date at the end of December 2022. In its announcement, the production committee apologized to viewers for the delay and inconvenience, and thanked them for their patience. It said that broadcasting of the show is planned to resume in Japan by March 9, 2023.

Officially, most of the issues were attributable to the mostly ongoing COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the anime industry at large. The pandemic exacerbated already difficult conditions for workers and production houses. Tight deadlines and reliance on cross-border collaboration with studios in China and other parts of Asia were disrupted due to sickness and public health measures. Other shows, like the NieR Automata anime, were also hit by delays.

Uncle From Another World adapts the manga of the same name by author Hotondoshindeiru. The story follows Takafumi and his Uncle, who spent the last 17 years in a coma. In reality, Uncle was transported to Granbahamal, a magical world where he gained supernatural powers and became a hero. The show recalls Uncle’s exploits in the other world , as well as his struggles as a diehard Sega fan, to adjust to living in a modern world where Sega is just another 3rd-party game publisher.

Good Smile Company also announced the development of Nendoroids based on the series. One Nendoroid shows Uncle in his outfit from Granbahamal, and another shows his Elf companion.

Uncle From Another World is available to view via Netflix outside Japan. Yen Press publishes the original manga in English.

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