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Undertale PlayStation 4 And Vita Players Can Visit A Dog Shrine




Undertale is now available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and with it have come a few minor additions. We all know about the original borders that you can have framing the game as you play, but there are also trophies and a new Dog Shrine area in Sans and Papyrus’ house.


The Dog Shrine is unlocked in Undertale after reaching Snowdin and dating Papyrus. It is located under the sink in the brothers’ kitchen. Each time you visit, you can leave donations to unlock new decorations for the room and earn trophies.


The following Undertale Dog Shrine decorations unlock at various donation plateaus. Reaching each level also gives you a trophy that is titled “Dognation Level [insert level number here].” You can only donate 1G at a time, which means earning each decoration and trophy can take quite some time.

  • 2G: Fairy lights
  • 6G: Nibbled dumplings
  • 12G: Inflatable mascot
  • 20G: Papyrus photo
  • 30G: Larger Dog Shrine
  • 43G: Boombox with “Annoying Dog Song”
  • 59G: Game CD
  • 78G: Another Papyrus photo
  • 100G: Rope
  • 125G: Larger donation box
  • 155G: Dog food dispenser
  • 190G: Dog blueprints
  • 230G: Rope
  • 280G: Shrine Certification Commitee rejection letter
  • 350G: Even larger Dog Shrine


In total, Undertale has 30 trophies. 14 of those are bronze, ten are silver, five are gold, and one is platinum. Of those, 15 are tied to Dog Shrine donations.


Undertale is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC.

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