Undertale’s Sans and Papyrus Are Available For Source Filmmaker




Sans and Papyrus, the skeleton brothers of Undertale, are two of many memorable characters introduced in the independent RPG. Thanks to fans, you can pluck them out of the game and use them for your own projects in Valve’s Source Filmmaker. Mods have been released that allow people to bring Papyrus and Sans into your media projects.


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Py-Bun’s Papyrus has 8 mono flexes and 7 stereo flexes. It also has a detachable head, upper torso, pelvis, or limbs. The creator is also planning to work on a Sans model.


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For people who can’t wait, Shatterstag has made a Sans model with a SFM port by RedMser. His Sans is notable for having two eye options. Undertale fans will know what that means. This model will be receiving flex updates.



As a bonus, Kask Daxxe has made Undertale’s Flowey. It comes with flexes for its face. Combine that with Nanori’s Undertale Sound Effects and you could start to put together something special.


If you’re feeling creative and in the mood to create an Undertale-inspired adventure, Source Filmmaker is free for Windows PCs. Installing all three of these models is as simple as subscribing to the in the Steam Workshop.

Jenni Lada
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