Universal Studios Japan Is Getting New Final Fantasy And Sailor Moon Attractions Next Year



Universal Studios Japan has seen big collaboration attractions with plenty of video game and anime franchises and it is about to get bigger with the addition of Final Fantasy and Sailor Moon.


We’ve seen some pretty big franchises featured in collaboration attractions as part of Universal Studios Japan’s “Universal Cool Japan” project that aims to highlight cool Japanese brands that appeal to a worldwide audience.


In the past we’ve seen collaborations with Monster Hunter, Attack on Titan, Resident Evil, Detective Conan, and Neon Genesis Evangelion as limited-time events.


The Final Fantasy attraction will make its debut at Universal Studios Japan starting January 19, along with the return of the Detective Conan and Monster Hunter events that will be seeing a further evolution for next year as they were well-received from the fans. Sailor Moon will join the mix for Universal Cool Japan later in Spring 2018.


In addition to all those big names, Universal Studios Japan has another big video game-related project on the way with “Super Nintendo World,” a new Nintendo-themed attraction area that is scheduled to become a permanent fixture with a launch expected sometime before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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