Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World Will Open in February 2021

Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World area will open on February 4. 2021. USJ also provided additional information about one of the attractions: Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge. [Thanks, Famitsu.]

First, get a close look at the Mario Kart-themed attraction in a video from Famitsu below:

The Super Nintendo World area was supposed to open just before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, after work started on the area in June 2017. However, due to the spread of COVID-19, the Super Nintendo World opening was delayed until Spring 2021.

Famitsu got to check out some of the attractions of the Nintendo area during a recent private tour. In addition to the Mario Kart attraction, there will be a Yoshi-themed ride, restaurants, and shops. You can even find Question Blocks and hit them to get coins and items.

Here’s a look at some of the attractions:

Yoshi Adventure (Ride Attraction)

Yoshi Adventure USJ

Ride on Yoshis to go on a cute and fun adventure. In this attraction, you ride on Yoshi’s back and follow Captain Toad for a treasure hunt. It lasts about five minutes, and you need to be 122 cm or taller to ride (or 86 cm if accompanied by an adult).

Power-up Band Key Challenge

Power-up Band Key Challenge

This one involves collecting keys, infiltrating Bower Jr.’s hideout, and working together to defeat him. The goal is to retrieve the Golden Mushrooms that Bowser Jr. stole. However, you’ll need to find three keys before taking him on. In the boss fight, you’ll jump, punch, and more. The minimum age requirement is five, and you’ll also need to purchase a Power-up Band to experience the attraction.

Power-up Band

By downloading the Universal Studios Japan app on your smartphone, you can purchase a Power-up Band sold in the park to link it with the app for a whole new experience. You can check your coins collected to see where you stand in the rankings, collect stamps, and more. The Power-up Band itself costs 3,200 yen.

USJ Nintendo

The Universal Express Pass, including the VIP Super Nintendo World Tour, is now available to pre-order on the Universal Studios Japan official website. You can also find info on the English website here.

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