Upcoming Identity V x The Promised Neverland Event Starts Next Season

NetEase has finally revealed the official date for the upcoming The Promised Neverland and Identity V event. The crossover will start from September 24, 2021. This means that the crossover Essences will be the first ones when Identity V season 18 starts in late September. There is also a short introduction trailer that you can watch from the Identity V Twitter account.

Identity V may show off the showroom animations in the future before the event starts, similar to what happened for the Death Note event. The short video shows off the characters who will appear as skins during the event, with the “cast” underneath. Emma (as in the character from The Promised Neverland and not Emma Woods from Identity V) makes a cameo in the title card. The event’s official name is “Towards a Bright Future.”

As a reminder, the Survivors and Hunters who will receive collaboration skins are Entomologist, Photographer, Ripper, and “Undead.” Though there is a confirmed start date for the collaboration with The Promised Neverland, NetEase has not revealed any further information on the Detective Conan event that was supposed to come to the global servers.

Identity V is readily available on Windows PC and mobile devices. As of the most recent update, players are able to purchase a miniature Dream Witch pet with Echoes or Fragments.

Stephanie Liu

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