Identity V The Promised Neverland Collab Features Three Hunters

Identity V Promised Neverland

NetEase has revealed the four Identity V characters who will receive a skin for the upcoming The Promised Neverland collaboration. It announced the event about a month ago, but there is still no concrete release window as of yet. As opposed to previous collaborations, such as with Danganronpa or Detective Conan, the majority of the characters are Hunters rather than Survivors.

The Promised Neverland characters who will appear as skins for existing Identity V Survivors and Hunters are:

  • Sonju as Ripper (Jack)
  • Zazie as “Undead” (Percy)
  • Peter Ratri as Photographer (Joseph)
  • Mujika as Entomologist (Melly Plinius)

Previous characters who appeared in the first The Promised Neverland crossover are Emma, Ray, Norman, Don, Gilda, and Isabella. This upcoming roster stands apart from previous collaborations due to the heavy Hunter presence. For example, only Bloody Queen, Bonbon, and Ryuk received skins in the past (The Promised NeverlandDanganronpa, and Death Note, respectively). Like other collaborations in Identity V, part two of The Promised Neverland will also allow players the chance to obtain limited items such as pets, stickers, and profile portraits.

Currently, Identity V is between major events, though they released the final essence for this season. Though Painter and Violetta’s skins will enter the permanent gacha, the Mercenary “Man in Red” skin is only available now.

Identity V is readily available worldwide on Windows PC and mobile devices.

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