Identity V Danganronpa Event Includes Nagito and Chiaki

Identity V Danganronpa Collaboration Event

The second Identity V and Danganronpa collaboration event will begin today on December 7, 2020. Originally teased in November 2020, players will once again be able to flee from the malicious Monokuma. During this period, players can obtain costumes based on Hajime Hinata, Nagito Komaeda, Chiaki Nanami, and Mikan Tsumiki for a limited time. The Identity V and Danganronpa collaboration event will last until January 6, 2021.

There are other things to look forward to besides the costumes. Special login bonuses will be distributed during this time. In addition, a special crossover package will be available to purchase. The Magical Girl Usami pack will include a Monomi pet, the Usami’s Magic Stick accessory item, and a Monomi costume.

You can watch a video showcasing the Magical Girl Usami pack items below.

Like the previous collaboration event, the original voice actors for Hajime, Nagito, Chiaki, and Mikan have returned to reprise their roles. The official Identity V Twitter mentioned that eventually a special effect will be added to the game at a later date. This effect will change Hajime to Izuru under special circumstances during a match.

The previous collaboration event included characters like Monokuma, Makoto Naegi, and Kyoko Kirigiri. Monokuma is the only character returning from the previous Danganronpa event.

Identity V is immediately available on Android devices, iOS devices, and PCs.

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