Escape the Manor Again in Identity V x The Promised Neverland Part Two

The Promised Neverland Identity V Part 2

In late February 2021, Identity V had a crossover event with The Promised Neverland, in which players could obtain skins based off of specific characters from the anime and manga. NetEase recently announced a second part to the collaboration, though news has been rather sparse. We have no information on which characters from Identity V will receive a skin, which characters from The Promised Neverland will appear, or when this crossover event will happen.

The characters who received a skin from the first crossover with The Promised Neverland are:

  • Bloody Queen: Isabella
  • Embalmer: Norman
  • Forward: Don
  • Gardener: Emma
  • “Prisoner”: Ray
  • The Mind’s Eye: Gilda

There are a few details in the promotional art that may suggest certain characters. For instance, the lamp is similar to one that Mujika carries around. Since the majority of the main cast from the first season are already in the game, NetEase might need to pull from the second season’s roster.

In July 2021, NetEase announced that the global server would receive the Detective Conan crossover, which was exclusive to the Chinese server. Though fans thought at the time that the Detective Conan crossover would occur during the current Season 17, it is still unclear as to when the first essences will appear.

Identity V is readily available on mobile devices and Windows PC. The Promised Neverland is streaming on services such as Crunchyroll. More information on the collab will appear in the future on the official Identity V Twitter.

Stephanie Liu
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