Urakata Hakuoki For PSP Announced As Girl’s Style x Hakuoki’s First Title



Dengeki’s sister affiliate, Dengeki Girl’s Style announced Urakata Hakuoki as their first title of the collaboration project known as "Girl’s Style x Hakuoki", in their latest magazine issue.





Takasugi Shinsaku

"There are some things that only I can accomplish with my very own hands."


A young charismatic leader who fights to protect the people he cares for. After the death of his master, he promised to never lose those dear to him again.







Katsura Kogoro

"It’s not in our best interest to start a war."


A diplomatic man of a pacifist nature. Winning without a fight is virtue.








Okada Izou

"No matter the path, as long as I have my sword."


The killer in despair, Okada Izou devotes his life to his master. Killing is his only way of showing his existence.








Thomas Blake Glover

"I can’t allow you to run off on your own."


A young and mysterious arms dealer, from a faraway land. His true intentions are still unknown.






Urakata Hakuoki will be released on the PSP in 2013 for 6,090 yen. Idea Factory will also have a limited edition for 8,190 yen.

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