imageOne of Square Enix’s best PsOne games is now available on the PlayStation Store in Japan. You can purchase Vagrant Story now for 600 yen ($6.25).


Vagrant Story follows Ashley Riot, a Riskbreaker, who explores the ruined city of Lea Monde. The game uses a third person perspective and fights take place in real time. In combat players can target specific limbs, which can debilitate a foe if damaged enough.


In addition to Vagrant Story, Rockman (yeah, the PlayStation port of the NES game) and Suiko Enbu, an old Data East fighting game are also on the PlayStation Store.


Here’s the full list. Each PS3/PSP compatible game costs 600 yen.


Arcade Hits: Suiko Enbu
Rapid Racer
Saikyo Todai Shogi
Vagrant Story

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