Valkyria: Azure Revolution Introduces Its “Five Grand Criminals”

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Sega released the latest information on their upcoming PlayStation 4 strategy RPG, Valkyria Azure Revolution, with details on the “Five Grand Criminals.”


The “Five Grand Criminals” is a derogatory term given to the five youths that took initiative during the war between Jutland Kingdom and Rus Empire, later dubbed the “Miraculous War of Liberation.”


For the sake of a grudge, or “revenge,” a war was set up with a country. With the crime committed by leaders, and the planned lese majesté against Princess Ophelia, two big crimes were committed, and would be judged after the war for capital punishment.


However, the abilities of those that led the war were genuine. Not only in battle (Amleth), but also in politics (Suleyman), economy (Basil), instigation (Fleet), and intelligence (Violet). Each one of them played a crucial role and led the small nation of Jutland.


Suleyman Kahlenberg


Acknowledging his own powerlessness, Suleyman is the man that gained the “power” he needed through “authority” on the day of the promised revenge. As a member of the House of Representatives, he becomes a person with influence over the government.  He’s a serious and straitlaced person, and is calm and clear-minded with a good understanding of everything in numbers.


The moment the pressure was right for the great powers, including the Empire, Suleyman immediately suggested to “start a war.”


Basil Sabanci


Acknowledging his own powerlessness, Basil is the man that gained the “power” he needed through “finance” on the day of the promised revenge. He inherited the “Magic Arts Industry” company and factory that was run by his step-father, increased its business results and found himself deep in the kingdom’s world of finance.


Basil ends up backing the war and revenge with funds. As far as personality goes, he’s a cheerful man and a bit mischievous, but he’s exceptionally friendly and finds a way to infiltrate his targets with ease.


Fleet Ericksen


Acknowledging his own powerlessness, Fleet is the man that gained the “power” he needed through “instigation” on the day of the promised revenge. By the way of a newspaper reporter, Fleet becomes a man of influence as a commentator columnist. He’s intelligent with a soft demeanor, and the public is often moved by his words.


Using this position, he’s able to influence the public opinion of war.


Violet Szand


Acknowledging her own powerlessness, Violet is the woman that gained the “power” she needed through “intelligence” on the day of the promised revenge. Being the only female member of the Grand Criminals, Violet is a Madonna-like existence of the group. With her good looks, voluptuous body, cheerful personality, she takes advantage of her woman’s weapon to the fullest, and works hard in gathering intel from high-ranked members of the military.


After obtaining information, she leaks it to the Grand Criminals, and sometimes comes up with “fabrications” for good opportunities in order to achieve more favorable circumstances in the war.


Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release in Japan in winter 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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