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In Valkyria Chronicles 4, Claude Can Request Support From A Giant Snow Cruiser


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Sega released new info on Valkyria Chronicles 4 on the official website recently, including details on the snow cruiser Centurion that provides military support to Claude and his Squad, as well as the crew that run the giant ship.


Snow Cruiser Centurion

snow battleship

snow battleship snow battleship 2

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The Centurion is a cruiser built by Edinburgh Navy in complete secrecy to clinch decisive battles. Three cruisers of this model were created, and the Centurion, which Claude and his squad embark on, is the second of them. It was designed to travel through ice fields, so it has a giant ram on the front.


At over 230m long, the cruiser travels on the ice as if it were a tank. This giant cruiser uses technology provided by the United States of Vinland to travel on land, and the details are top secret on a country-level.


Ship Orders

snow battleship 5

snow battleship 6 snow battleship 7

In battle, ‘Ship Orders’ can be chosen in Command Mode in order to request support from the Centurion. The available support skills can be increased by developing the ship in R&D, and the abilities and number of uses can be increased as well. However, ship orders can only be used a certain number of times in one battle, so players should carefully consider when to use them.



snow battleship 8

Players can choose an area of the map to scan, which will reveal enemy icons on the Command mode map. This is the first available Ship Order.


Gunfire Support

snow battleship 9

The Centurion bombards the specified area, dealing damage to enemies in that area.


Rescue Unit

snow battleship 10

Recovers the HP of every sortied unit, as well as saving any units on the verge of death.


Vehicle Emergency Repairs

snow battleship 11

This order will revive an allied vehicle unit that has retreated after being destroyed. This is the only way to revive vehicles.


New characters:

Roland Morgan (CV: Michihiro Ikemizu)

roland 2


Roland is a colonel in the Edinburgh Navy, as well as the captain of the Centurion. He is a warm individual who doesn’t even flinch in emergency situations, forming the mental pillar of the ship. He is strict to himself and others, and was once feared as the ‘Demon Captain’ as he is not afraid to reprimand others when the time comes.


He lost his previous ship, and has joined the operation with the resolute belief as to not let it happen a second time.


Bryan Haddock (CV: Takuya Kirimoto)

bryan 2 bryan

The chief navigator of the Centurion, and a first lieutenant of the Edinburgh Navy. He is quite neurotic, making him hard to get close to, but is rational and calm at his core. Bryan acts like a vice captain to Morgan, whom he respects and has supported many times since their first mission.


He is a navy supremacist and somewhat looks down on the ground army, and at some points Bryan and Claude may have differing opinions.


Mary Bennett (CV: Hiroko Ushida)

mary mary 2

The Centurion’s communications officer, and a master sergeant in the Edinburgh Navy. She is always very collected, and is like an older sister to everyone. She has a gentle personality that speaks to her fine upbringing.


She is also very hardworking, patrolling and cleaning the ship throughout each day even when not on a mission. She is good at cooking.


Ruch (CV: Shino Shimoji)

ruch ruch 2

Ruch is the tracker of the Centurion, and a sergeant in the Edinburgh Navy. She is a genius who skipped grades at the training academy for the Navy, and is familiar with the latest types of technology. She was recognized for her abilities, and thus joined this operation. She is serious and grounded, but because of her tone of voice, not many people talk to her. However, she is friends with Mary.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases in Japan on March 21, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and for Nintendo Switch in Summer 2018. North America and Europe will receive the game in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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