Valkyria Chronicles 4 Introduces Several New Allies, And The Training Grounds

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SEGA updated the official website for Valkyria Chronicles 4, including new information for several allies and introducing several features in the game, such as the Training Grounds.



Angelica Farnaby (CV: Ayane Sakura)

valk4 chara1

valk4 chara5


An energetic and courageous common citizen who made her way into Squad E. When she was discovered, she was found to have no memories other than her name, and it is unknown how she found her way into Squad E.


She is caring towards everyone around her and isn’t naughty like most children. She was under the protection of the military doctor, but volunteered to help out with the cooking, washing, and cleaning, and her cheerfulness made her popular with the soldiers. The squad nicknamed her “Angie”.


Minerva Victor (CV: Saori Hayami):

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A first lieutenant and the Squad F leader in the 32nd Armored Ranger Battalion. She attended Edinburgh Military Academy at the same time as Claude and graduated second place in the class. Despite her efforts in training and studies in order to be chosen, she could not exceed Claude.


Since then, she strongly sees Claude as a rival. She says that Claude being chosen was a mistake, and that she is better than him. Her father influenced her to be have a strong sense of elitism, but also instilled a sense of chivalry in battle into her. On the other hand, she is needlessly fussy about unimportant matters – though it is clear that she is a very skilled at her role. In fact, Minerva was promoted to First Lieutenant earlier than Claude. She is very kind to people who aren’t Claude.


Karen Stuart (CV: Yuka Saito)

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valk4 chara7


Corporal and medical officer of Squad E. She is easygoing, kind, and popular in the squad for her soothing smile. She grew up in a household of men, so she is used to dealing with boys, and she patches up injuries with a smile on her face. Entering medical university was her original goal, but she joined the army to help her family.



valk4 chara4

valk4 chara8


The mascot medical dog of Squad E. He was originally a stray and was picked up by Squad E. He rushes through the battlefield fearlessly to help injured soldiers, and can’t help but save the weak.


Ragnarok is very prideful and gets mad when someone pets him, but acts close to people who feed him (particularly women). He views Claude and the others as rookies, and feels that they are in danger because of this, so he helps them out with resignation. However, his thoughts don’t reach Claude and company, who only see him as a friendly but foolish dog.


Training Grounds:

training grounds


The Training Grounds are a facility at the frontline base, helmed by senior officer Minerva Victor. You can allot and expend experience points to level up various classes, and this aspect is completely up to the player. By leveling up classes, new Orders and Battle Potentials can be awakened.


jaeger 1 jaeger 2


By leveling up classes to Level 11, they will rank up to Jaeger classes. New weapons become available to use, and the depth of strategy will increase.


Scout Jaeger: General stat increase, and Rifle Grenades become available for use. Rifle Grenades can be shot further than regular grenades.


Assault Jaeger: General stat increase, and the Flamethrower becomes usable. The flamethrower ignores terrain defense bonuses and is shot in a wide arc sideways, but has the downside of being short-range.


Sniper Jaeger: General stat increase, and the Auto Sniper Rifle and Anti-tank Sniper Rifle become available. The Auto Sniper Rifle shoots a 3-burst shot, while the Anti-tank Sniper pierces tank armor with its incredible attack power. By becoming a Sniper Jaeger, Snipers can counterattack on enemy turns.


Lancer Jaeger: General stat increase, and the Mortar Lance becomes available. The Mortar Lance shoots a arcing grenade with an area of effect upon landing, and is very effective against infantry.


Engineer Jaeger: General stat upgrade, and the Tank Repair Kit has an increased effect.


Grenadier Jaeger: General stat increase.


Operation Room:

operation 1

operation 2


Deployable squad members can be switched in and out, and their equipment can also be changed here. Players should change the team based on what the situation requires.



order 1 order 2

order 3 order 4


Orders are special commands usable by the main character and bosses, which consume CP. There are varying Orders with different effects such as parameter changes, reinforcements, and retreats. Orders can be learned by increasing the level of classes and by talking to squad members in the Salon.



pers pot 1 pers pot 2

pers pot 3 pers pot 4


There are two types of Potentials: Personal Potentials and Battle Potentials. Personal Potentials are status changes that occur when requirements are met, but not all are positive. They differ based on each soldier’s personality, and are awoken in battle. After beating specific story missions, some Personal Potentials will change.


Battle Potentials are also awoken in battle, and generally raise the stats of troops.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases in Japan on March 21, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and for Nintendo Switch in Summer 2018. The game will head to North America and Europe in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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