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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Reveals The First Four Members Of Squad E


vc4 charas 1

4Gamer had a few details to share today about the characters who will appear in Valkyria Chronicles 4, which was recently revealed by Sega.


Claude Wallace (CV: Ryosuke Kanemoto):

vc4 charas 2

The main character of this game. He is the squad leader and tank commander of the Edinburgh Army 101st Division, No. 1 Battle Brigade 32nd Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E. He is serious but hotblooded, and a caring squad leader.


Riley Miller (CV: Nao Touyama):

vc4 charas 3

Heroine of the story. A Grenadier who is part of the 32nd Armored Ranger Battalion’s Firearms Support Division. A second lieutenant. She is very positive and has the ambitiousness to keep pushing forward without fear of failure.


Famitsu also had more to share on two other characters, Raz and Kai Shuren.


Raz (CV: Kazuya Nakai):

vc4 charas 6

A division officer in Squad E. He does not have a last name as he is a Darcsen, a persecuted race. His class is Infantry.


Kai Shuren (CV: Maaya Sakamoto):

vc4 charas 7

A prodigy at sniping, and a division officer in Squad E. She is known as ‘The One Shot Killer’.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 will release for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in 2018.

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