Valve’s Steam Deck Delayed Until February 2022

Steam Deck delayed

The Steam Deck, Valve’s handheld gaming PC, has officially been delayed. Originally scheduled for release in December 2021, the consoles are now estimated to ship in February 2022.

The company explained in a blog post that although they anticipated being able to work around ongoing global supply chain issues, due to material shortages, vital components are not reaching manufacturing facilities in time to meet the initial launch date. The current February 2022 release date is based on updated build estimates.

Originally announced in July 2021, the Steam Deck will come in a number of different models. The 64GB base model will sell for $399 and will come with a carrying case. The 256GB model including a Steam Community Profile Bundle will retail for $529, while the 512GB model will come with anti-glare etched glass, a carrying case, the profile bundle, and a virtual keyboard theme. It will retail for $649. The Steam Deck will use SteamOS by default, but users will be able to boot an OS from a microSD card.

Valve’s Steam Deck is delayed and now scheduled to ship to customers in February 2022. Those with reservations will keep their place in line, and reservation date estimates will be updated in the coming days. The console can be purchased directly from the Steam website.

Carley Garcia
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