Vampiric MMO Dark Eden Rises From The Grave Onto Greenlight



Dark Eden, an isometric, free-to-play horror MMO that originally released back in 1997, has appeared on Steam Greenlight.




The MMO takes players to the fictional European country Eslania, having them choose between races of vampires, slayers, and ousters in a war for a powerful artifact. Playing in a hack n’ slash style similar to Diablo, players will use the powers of their chosen race to grow stronger against the monsters of the game’s world.



Dark Eden places heavy emphasis on PvP, with the time of day having an effect on those fighting each other. Depending on the time, certain races are stronger or weaker than others, so vampires will need to take care during the day, but are much stronger at night.




Dark Eden has been around in various capacities in various countries since its release, with the Korean version being the most long-standing. Players looking for more information on the game can follow its Facebook page.

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