powerball1.jpg Happy post-Easter Monday, Siliconera faithful! Today Nintendo's two VC offerings are King's Knight for the NES, and Powerball for the Genesis. King's Knight is notable for being only the second Square-Enix offering to appear on the Virtual Console since it's inception. King's Knight puts you in control of four characters (Ray Jack, Kaliva, Toby, and Barusa) as you fly through five stages defeating enemies and avoiding obstacles. An interesting game, especially due to it's combination of shmup and RPG elements. Next, Powerball is kind of a futuristic combination of soccer and rugby, and sadly not a lottery simulation as I was hoping. Actually it's kinda hard to dig up any information on Powerball, so I can't say much about it seeing as I've never played it. So, I guess it could be worth checking out if you're into games like that. Honestly this week is fairly disappointing. For as interesting as King's Knight is, it's kind of mediocre. And Powerball…well, I had no idea it even existed until now, so that's gotta mean something. Anyway, have a great Monday, Siliconera readers!


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