VC Monday: Double your dragons, double your fun


dd1.gif Wow…that has to be the lamest VC Monday title I've EVER come up with. Ahem…anyway, today's Virtual Console release is a mere one game. But hey, at least it's good, right? Somebody finally snatched up the US rights to the Double Dragon series, and thanks to Aksys Games, we can all enjoy Double Dragon via the Wii Virtual Console.


Of the many home versions of Double Dragon, the NES version is arguably considered the best, coming in just a hair ahead of the Master System version. It's probably a waste of my time to describe Double Dragon to all you readers out there, but what the hey, I'll do it anyway. Take control of Billy Lee as he fights his way through five stages in search of his kidnapped girlfriend. And, um…yeah, that's about it really. What more needs to be said? It's Double Dragon. You know it, you love it, you hum the first stage's theme in the shower (or is that just me…) and now for the measly sum of $5 you can have it on your Wii. So go on, what are you waiting for (aside from maybe Double Dragon II)? Get out there and start busting some heads! 


Images courtesy of Aksys.