VC Monday: Go spelunking, or face off with the Bydo Empire (again)


srtype1.png I suppose the best way I could describe today's VC releases is "meh". Not a terrible week, per se, but not really that great either. Definitely not up to last week's level. First up is Spelunker for the NES. Playing as an explorer of sorts, you must navigate through dangerous underground caves while avoiding enemies and collecting bonus items. It's…not terribly exciting, honestly. Next up is Super R-Type for the SNES. Basically a SNES version of R-Type 2, Super R-Type does very little to separate itself from previous games in the series. But with a series like R-Type, that's not really a bad thing. All you really need to know is that it's another tough as nails R-Type game, and if you're a fan of the series, it's worth checking out.


It's kinda hard for me to be excited about this week's VC releases. I've already got R-Type 3 on the VC and R-Type Final on the PS2, and Spelunker isn't really a great game, so there's nothing I'm interested in personally. Still, Super R-Type is at least worth a look if you like shmups.


(Insert witty Earthbound reference here. What? I'm out of ideas.)