VC Monday: Run a farm or become a lord of thunder


lordsofthunder1.gif Hey, finally, a good VC week! The last few weeks haven't been particularly stellar, to put it nicely, but this week changes that. This week, we get two really good games. First up is Harvest Moon for the SNES. The first in Natsume's farm-sim franchise, Harvest Moon puts you in charge of your parents farm, and tasks you with making the farm successful over two and a half years. Plant crops, raise livestock, get married, have children, and more on your path to becoming a successful farmer. Second up is Lords of Thunder. This game , both literally and figuratively, rocks. The successor to Gate of Thunder for the Turbografx-CD, Lords of Thunder is, to put it bluntly, absolutely awesome. Excellent music, colorful graphics, and loads of action make Lords of Thunder one of the best shmups on the Virtual Console. No, scratch that. It's THE best shmup on the VC, bar none. 


This week's probably the best week we've had on the Virtual Console in quite a while. I know I'll be picking up Lords of Thunder for sure. Of course, it's no Earthbound, but it's awesome nonetheless. Harvest Moon will probably see it's fair share of downloads, as well, considering the price the original cart commands on eBay and the like, as well as the fact that the series has a fairly sizable fanbase. So, enjoy this week, everyone. I know I'll be rocking out to some Lords of Thunder once it goes live.