VC Monday: Shooting and more shooting


mt1.png It's an all-Sega shooter week on the Virtual Console, and the titles we get aren't half bad, either. First, Mega Turrican, the sequel to Super Turrican by Factor 5. Released for the Genesis in 1995, Mega Turrican doesn't differ entirely too much from Super Turrican, but hey, in this case that's not such a bad thing. Traverse large levels gunning down everything in your path and solve simple puzzles in your trek to destroy the Dark Forces. Next is Fantasy Zone for the Master System. Sega's surreal shmup starring Opa-Opa, Fantasy Zone features bright, colorful graphics and weird enemies. It's also been ported and re-released more times than I can count. Still, here in it's original form, it's quite the fun little game.


Not a bad week at all. We've definitely had worse as of late. I personally know several people who are excited for Fantasy Zone's release in particular. So, if you like Sega or shooters, this week's for you!


Images courtesy of Sega and Factor 5