The designs you see below are alternate designs for the PlayStation Move, registered by Sony in the European trademark database. Looking at the various images, we assume the dotted areas — such as the square on top in some and the grips in others — are to indicate areas that weren’t finalized.


The other thing that’s interesting about these designs is that the filing date for them is after the PlayStation Move was launched.


001288914_0017_1_source 001288914_0016_1_source 001288914_0015_1_source 001288914_0014_1_source 001288914_0013_1_source 001288914_0011_1_source 001288914_0010_1_source 001288914_0009_1_source 001288914_0008_1_source 001288914_0007_1_source 001288914_0006_1_source 001288914_0005_1_source 001288914_0004_1_source 001288914_0003_1_source 001288914_0002_1_source 001288914_0001_1_source 001288914_0023_1_source 001288914_0022_1_source 001288914_0021_1_source 001288914_0020_1_source 001288914_0019_1_source 001288914_0018_1_source


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