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Visit the Ib Guertena Exhibition in Shibuya Parco

ib guertena exhibition

To commemorate the release of the Ib Nintendo Switch port, the Parco in Shibuya will open up a real-life Guertena Exhibition. You can find it in the Gallery X By Parco, which is on B1F. Visitors will have until March 12, 2023 to check out Guertena’s works for themselves. Shibuya Parco also noted that it does not guarantee that you will find yourself swept away in some otherworldly adventure. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Tickets cost 1,000 JPY, which is around $7.35. All of the artworks that you will be able to see are pieces that are present in Ib. The creator of the game, kouri, personally overlooked all of the recreations. Aside from paintings, you can also find vases like in in the game. There are also exclusive goods, as well as a special version of Ib (for the Nintendo Switch) that you can find at the gallery.

Merchandise that you can find at the exhibition include acrylic dioramas, acrylic stands, scarves, and postcards. Online Parco does offer overseas shipping so it is possible that international customers can purchase them without actually visiting Shibuya. Not only can you buy the physical Switch copies of Ib at Parco, but the special limited edition will come with an artbook and a lace handkerchief. In total, the limited edition will cost 4980 JPY, which is around $36.70.

Ib will come out on the Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2023. You can also play it on Windows PC. The Ib Guertena Exhibition in Shibuya PARCO will run from March 2-12, 2023.

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