Visual Novel Unhack Is Getting A Prequel




Indie developer Invert Mouse has announced a new prequel to its visual novel, Unhack, in Unhack: Destruction. It’s already hit its base funding goal on Kickstarter.



The dev previously polished off Unhack and then Bermuda in quick succession, with big-name voice actors such as Xanthe Huynh (Sword Art Online, Atelier Meruru) and Kyle Herbert (Gurren Lagann, Fire Emblem) in his titles.



The prequel is a three-episode story focusing on the history of Ms. Director and A2, and will once again have a star-studded cast. Ready for the list?



Xanthe Huynh is back as Weedy. Skyler Davenport will voice A2 (Aela the Huntress in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) Miss Debug will be played by Aimee Smith (Icari in Sunrider) and Kimlinh Tran will do newcomer Proto A, A2’s older sister (Skullgirl’s Miss Fortune).


If you’re interested, Invert Mouse also brought news that Bermuda is out now.


Unhack: Destruction is coming to PC, Mac and Linux, and its Kickstarter’s modest goal of AUS$500 is already funded.