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InvertMouse Has Released Alien Abduction Visual Novel Bermuda On Steam

By Chris . March 19, 2015 . 5:29pm

It’s the visual novel that introduced InvertMouse to most of us, before Unhack and Without Within were released.

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Visual Novel Unhack Is Getting A Prequel

By Eugene . August 7, 2014 . 9:00am

The prequel is a three-episode story focusing on the history of Mrs. Director and A2, and will once again have a star-studded cast.

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Bermuda Developers Talk Art Style And Why They Chose Famous Voice-Actors

By Eugene . June 24, 2014 . 2:02pm

Indie visual novel Bermuda spans six chapters, involving disappearances inside the Bermuda Triangle, and it’s a little more interactive than your typical visual novel.

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Visual Novel Bermuda Teases Its Alien Abduction Story

By Eugene . June 15, 2014 . 2:00pm

Visual novel Kickstarter game Bermuda is ploughing for the exit, and to entice fans has added a peek into its alien abduction storyline.

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Visual Novel Game Bermuda Lets Us Know The Bermuda Triangle Is Full Of Aliens

By Eugene . May 30, 2014 . 1:30pm

Bermuda is a visual novel with stealth missions from Unhack creator Invert Mouse, and it has a modest Kickstarter campaign going now.

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Visual Novel Bermuda Sounds A Little Reminiscent Of Ever 17

By Eugene . March 28, 2014 . 12:29pm

The characters in Bermuda have been abducted by a “USO,” or Unidentified Submerged Object, and have to escape in “a tale of trust and deceit”.

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