Visual Novel Bermuda Teases Its Alien Abduction Story



Visual novel Kickstarter game Bermuda is ploughing for the exit, and to entice fans has added a peek into its alien abduction storyline above.


The game will have bonus conversation scenes before each chapter (though how you’ll obtain them isn’t stated), such as the below video between Edward and Finyomu.



Bermuda’s just gone past the 50% mark with about two and a half weeks to go, which makes it likely to hit its (very reasonable) funding of AUD$2,500. If you need more enticement, there’s also the video above with the various voice actors giving a shout out. These guys and gals have a pretty pedigree behind them, including Gurren Lagann, Sword Art Online, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Atelier Meruru and more.




For those who are willing to give more to help the game succeed, the higher tiers will also get a few extras in the form of postcards. The top tier one will have backers picking up a sketch from illustrator Alastair Sew Hoy, the official artist for Sydney Australia’s Smash! anime convention.




Finally, here’s another peek at some more footage of the game near its start.


Bermuda is scheduled for PC. You can back it here.