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Visual Novel Yoru, Tomosu Shows Off the Beautiful But Flawed Female Students

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Nippon Ichi Software has shown off the first trailer for Yoru, Tomosu, their upcoming horror visual novel set at an all-girls academy where a murder is discovered one day.

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The trailer introduces us to protagonist Suzu Izayoi (CV: Yuki Nagano), as well as other key characters like Suzu’s best friend Maya Aoyagi (CV: Hiyori Kouno), the cheerful Rui Maihara (CV: Chiyo Tomaru), and the gentle Reiko Takusari (CV: Yuka Ootsubo). At the center of this all is Yuuka Sumeragi (CV: Mai Mochizuki), the mysterious transfer student who looks exactly like the “older sister” Suzu dreams about at night.

Check out the trailer below:


Maya Aoyagi (CV: Hiyori Kouno)

Yoru Tomosu

A girl who’s usually firm and dependable, but sometimes slips up. She’s Suzu’s childhood friend. She really cares about Suzu, and treats her as more important than anything, to the point where her choice of school and the reason she took up playing koto were due to Suzu’s influence. She loves to make sweets, and is an extreme scaredy-cat.


Rui Maihara (CV: Chiyo Tomaru)

Yoru Tomosu

A bright girl who, for better or worse, doesn’t have much patience. She used to be the rising star of the track and field club, but had to quit due to a foot-related injury, and thus entered the koto music club. She really likes the club captain for accepting her as who she is.


Reiko Takusari (CV: Yuka Ootsubo)

A girl who goes at her own pace, but is an “older sister”-type who is firm and dependable and looks after the others. She’s actually a rich young lady whose grandmother is the school chairwoman.

You can read about the game’s story, and protagonist and key character Rei and Yuuka in our previous post here.

Yoru, Tomosu will release for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on July 30, 2020.

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