Yoru, Tomosu Announced by NIS as a New Horror Visual Novel for PS4 and Switch

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In the final periodical issue of Dengeki PlayStationNIS revealed a new horror visual novel for PS4 and Switch called Yoru, Tomosu.

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Yoru, Tomosu horror visual novel for PS4 & Switch

The setting of Yoru, Tomosu (“Night, Lights Up”) is Kagurahara Girls Academy, a historic school that’s been around since the Taisho era, where girls called “Pseudo Sisters” shared a secret exchange. The Pseudo Sisters had a special relationship that involved trading their most valuable belongings and a contract to be sisters until graduation.

However, one day, two Pseudo Sisters who were contracted together committed a double suicide. To make matters worse, the teachers treated it as an accidental death.

And now, in the present age. Rei and four other girls attending Kagurahara Girls Academy have been going through strange incidents.

Rei and the others of the koto music club were practicing for a contest one day when a transfer student named Yuuka Sumeragi makes an appearance. However, after listening to their koto music performance, she tells them that it is an “insult to music” and quickly distances herself.

Rei gives it some thought with the koto club president, who receives a letter from Yuuka saying she wants to talk at the school’s old building. However, later that day they find the president’s body covered in blood after having fallen from the second floor of the old school building.

Rei Izayoi (CV: Yuki Nagano)



Yoru, Tomosu horror visual novel for PS4 & Switch

The protagonist, Rei Izayoi. She’s the cheerful and softhearted ace, and next president, of the koto music club. She’s been having dreams of an unknown “older sister” since the start of summer vacation.

Yuuka Sumeragi (CV: Mai Mochizuki)

Yoru, Tomosu horror visual novel for PS4 & Switch

The transfer student, Yuuka Sumeragi. She comes from a prominent family known for koto music and she’s also an exceptional talent. When she was young she found a diary about Kagurahara Girls Academy that she’s always treasured. For some reason, she looks exactly like the “older sister” appearing in Rei’s dreams.

Yoru, Tomosu will release for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on July 30, 2020.

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