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VOEZ Releases On Switch Releases March 3 For Europe And March 9 For North America



Circle Entertainment previously announced that Rayark’s rhythm game VOEZ is headed Westward for Switch, and they’ve followed up with a March 9 release for North America and March 3 for Europe.


Here’s some more info about the game from publisher Flyhigh Works:

“VOEZ” is played by touching falling notes in time with the music.
Set in a fictional town named “Lan Kong Town”,
which is modeled after Yilan in Taiwan,
the story is centered around 6 high school students
who form a band that eventually achieves international fame.







Gameplay is simple, requiring players to touch vertically falling notes that have hit a bar on the bottom of the screen.
Depending on the song, the number of lanes for the notes increase and shift side to side, making the screen look as if it is dancing to the music.
There are over 100 songs in the library.








Q:Is it able to play this game in TV-Mode?
A:No.This game is played using touch screen controls only.
This game cannot be played in TV mode


Q:Support language is?
A: Japanese / English / Traditional Chinese / Korean


Q:After buy the game, all song is playable? no need more money?

A:Yes. after you buy the game, you can play the 116 songs in default.


Q:Is there any song only can play in Nintendo Switch?
A:Yes. this time, we prepare 「Ascension(xi)」as Nintendo Switch limited song. And we are planing to update the songs (include some limited song) for free in future.


VOEZ releases in Japan and Europe on March 3 and North America on March 9 for Nintendo Switch.

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