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VOEZ Is Releasing Its Physical Version In North America On July 24



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Rayark’s rhythm game VOEZ was a launch title for the Nintendo Switch in Japan where it was available physically, and now fans from the West will be able to get their hands on a copy starting July 24.


VOEZ is a rhythm game developed by Rayark Games that features 3 difficulty levels. In each level, there is a black horizontal line at the bottom of the screen, as notes fall down from the top of the screen on the note line. The note line can move horizontally depending on the song and its chosen difficulty. The player must either tap, hold, slide or swipe the note depending on which note it is.


Key Features

  • Dynamic tracks with falling notes, bringing visual and gameplay experience to a whole new level!
  • Features over 50 songs with 3 unique patterns totaling 150 levels.
  • Unique story episodes and artwork for players to unlock.
  • Japanese voice acting with in game text featuring English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean


VOEZ is available on Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android.

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