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VOEZ’s Nintendo Switch Update Adds More Songs


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Back in March, Circle Entertainment brought VOEZ to the Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe. Now, it has confirmed the game will be receiving a free update that adds more content. The music library will expand on June 1, 2017.


The VOEZ 1.1 adds 18 tracks. The Legend of Dark Witch’s theme song, “Blue Heat Haze” will be among them and a Nintendo Switch-exclusive.

Here is the full list of additions.

  • Ayatsugu_Otowa’s “Chandelier Garden”
  • Inside System’s “Blue Heat Haze”
  • Kurose Manami’s “Labyrinth of Love”
  • Kurose Manami’s “Time Travel”
  • Kurose Manami’s “Today was a bad day”
  • Kyriuki’s “Heartless Diary”
  • Nekomirin’s “No Night More Soul!”
  • Rave Cyanide and Riran’s “Spring”
  • Ryazan’s “Unicore”
  • Sakuzyo’s “And More or Less”
  • Sakuzyo’s “Ire”
  • Sakuzyo’s “Lexu Cyanixs”
  • Sakuzyo’s “WonderWing”
  • Section’s “Statical Improvement”
  • Sihanatsuka’s “Eclipse”
  • Siqlo’s “Party Rave”
  • Tatsh and Oda Yuu’s “Smile Generation”
  • Xen’s “Frozen Emotion”


VOEZ is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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