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Your Voice Controls This Real-Time Strategy Game



    Voice controls are the main way you’ll control your troops in There Came An Echo. How well this works is up to debate, but it’s an ambitious real-time strategy game hoping to get it right.



    Players will use a voice control system to direct units through the heat of battle, barking commands which can be queued up and then executed succinctly. Want your trooper to make a dash for a flanking spot, but only after allies have lain down cover fire? That’s just one of the  promises There Came An Echo says it will deliver on.


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    Since the game’s so heavily voice-focused, it will also spend more than a cursory time on its storyline, with legendary geek Wil Wheaton on board as its main character, Corrin. Borderland’s 2’s Tiny Tina voice actress Ashly Burch is also signed on.


    Players can use any regular microphone and the game will also make use of Intel’s Realsense cameras on the PC version. Of course, there will be other options to play the game, but voice will be the main expected way to finish There Came An Echo.


    The Kickstarted game is slated or PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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