Voice of Cards is Yoko Taro’s New Table-Top RPG Video Game

Voice of Cards Yoko Taro

Square Enix has revealed that Yoko Taro’s latest project is Voice of Cards, a unique table-top RPG video game that will incorporate the use of cards. Additionally, this announcement revealed other members of the production crew. Yosuke Saito, Keiichi Okabe, and Kimihiko Fujisaka are all a part of the development team for Voice of Cards. While Square Enix did post a short teaser video for the title, details regarding gameplay, a potential scenario, and release date are not yet available. This also includes potential platforms the title will release on.

You can watch the trailer for Voice of Cards below.

Yoko Taro will serve as Creative Director for Voice of Cards, with Yosuke Saito taking the role of Executive Producer. Drakengard 3 and NieR series composer Keiichi Okabe will be the Music Director for the title, whereas Kimihiko Fujisaka will serve as the Character Designer for the title. Fujisaka previously worked on the Drakengard series as its Character Designer.

In April 2021, it was revealed that Yoko Taro was working on a new game. However, this project would be smaller in scale than previous titles he worked on, such as Drakengard or NieR. Additionally, he revealed that the title would be “indie-like” and available to access after downloading. Voice of Cards appears to be the project in question.

Voice of Cards is currently in development.

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