Voiced Final Fantasy VII Remake LINE Stickers Launch

Final Fantasy VII Remake Line stickers

Square Enix has started distributing official Final Fantasy VII Remake LINE stickers for the recently released. What’s special about them is that each of these stickers come with Japanese voice acting. There are twenty-four different types, ranging from various greetings to phrases like “Thank you!,” “Hurry up!,” and “Wait a second!” [Thanks, Game Watch!]

These Final Fantasy VII Remake Line stickers are a perfect companion for the official LINE theme that Square Enix released on April 14, 2020. The theme showcases some of the game’s most well-known characters as icons and has the Shinra Company in the background for atmosphere. Currently, the theme costs ¥370 (~$3.40) and can be purchased inside the LINE app.

Now, here’s a preview of some of Square Enix’s new sticker set:

Here’s a tweet from a fan going over the stickers’ voiced lines.

There have been a lot of Final Fantasy VII Remake collaborations and products released prior to and after its launch. Whether partnering with Butterfinger for DLC, promoting Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel, or working with Pasta n’ Sauce in the UK, Cloud seems to be everywhere these days. In terms of collectible merchandise, a seven CD soundtrack collection will be released and cost $77.77.

Final Fantasy VII Remake LINE Stickers are available now and are priced at ¥250 (~$2.30) at the LINE Store.

Mercedez Clewis
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