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void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium Gameplay Takes Us Through the Basics of Roguelike and Caretaking

Void Terrarium Gameplay

Nippon Ichi Software shared a new gameplay video for the upcoming roguelike title void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium. 

The game is set in a world where civilization has perished due to toxic fungi. A robot awakens from a scrapyard and finds a frail human girl named Toriko in the ruins. The robot decides to take care of the girl after finding her contaminated by the fungi. The world isn’t a suitable place for Toriko, so you must create an environment and isolated “Terrarium” for her to live.

The focus of the gameplay video is to show that even beginners can get into the roguelike with ease. Since the player is a complete novice to video games, it starts out with basic controls and movement. From there we get to see more dungeon exploration and caretaking for Toriko.

void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on January 23, 2020. A demo is currently available in Japan for PS4 and Switch.

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