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void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium Shows Off The Prologue And The O.S.E.Watch System


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void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium has players take control of a robot who must take care of a young girl named Toriko in an isolated Terrarium that is the only place she can live safely. Recently, Nippon Ichi introduced the prologue of the story, as well as the O.S.E.Watch system that can be used to watch over Toriko’s status. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]



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Civilization has perished and the world is in ruins, covered in toxic fungi. A single robot awakens in a scrap yard. Roaming about, it comes upon Toriko, a lone girl who is still young and weak. Whether it was because she was weakened or she was sleeping, she gave no reaction when the robot tried shaking her. Looking at the young girl, the robot felt that it could not leave the girl alone.


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From the mountain of rubble came a faint voice. The robot met a giant monitor that called itself the ‘Factory AI’. Factory AI was happy something was talking to it for the first time in several hundred years. According to it, it was an AI made to manage the shelters left behind by humankind.


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The robot tells Factory AI about the young girl. “She’s quite weakened… at this rate…”, says a shocked Factory AI.

Knowing the girl’s precarious state, the robot decides to go explore the dangerous ruins. She must be the last girl of humankind. The robots must work together and help her stay alive. Now, they must create the isolated Terrarium that the girl can live in.


Factory AI

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Factory AI is an artificial intelligence made by humankind, which was on the verge of extinction. It can create ‘self-multiplying shelters’. Factory AI has been lonely, being alone for hundreds of years. It requests to work together with the robot, but as it can’t move, it helps by providing information and knowledge from its database to aid exploration and taking care of Toriko.



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Pronounced Osewacchi (rhyming with Tamagotchi), O.S.E.Watch is a custom-made interface created by Factory AI to aid with taking care of Toriko, based on popular raising games in human history before extinction. You can check out Toriko’s HP and healthiness.


When Toriko is hungry, it will alert you. You can check up on her while exploring the dungeons, and by expanding the functionalities, you can play with Toriko, and clean the Terrarium.



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In order to take care of Toriko, the robot must venture into dungeons. The ruins are shelters created in haste by humans to escape from the toxic fungi before their extinction. It has the ability to multiply itself, and thus is different every time you enter. Roaming about inside are machines and creatures that have self-evolved and mutated.


Depending on the characteristics of the ruins, the items that can be found inside and enemies lurking inside will differ. Adapting to these differences will determine your survival when exploring these ruins for the first time.



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You are able to customize the Terrarium that protects Toriko with furniture, plants, dolls, and other objects. Try brightening up the environment so that she doesn’t get lonely waiting for you to return. By creating new objects, you can also increase the robot’s stats.

Depending on what you add to the Terrarium, Toriko might perform some special actions.


The Dangers Toriko Faces

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Despite the Terrarium, Toriko still isn’t completely safe. Because the food she eats comes from the contaminated outside world, it’s not unexpected that she might become contaminated as well. Even a bit of pollution causes her great pain.


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If she continues to build up contamination and stays hungry, she will get sick, and sometimes there are other severe symptoms that may occur, such as mutating into a chicken, or liquidization. In order to heal her, you’ll need to go exploring.


void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on January 23, 2020. Check out the profiles for Toriko and the robot here.

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