VTuber Axia Krone of Nijisanji Goes on Break Due to Antis

axia krone nijisanji hiatus

Nijisanji VTuber Axia Krone announced that he will take a break from streaming. For how long is unknown. The reason behind Axia’s break is due to negative behavior from viewers towards Axia himself, and other Nijisanji VTubers. Nijisanji also released a statement about it, as well as what it plans to do in the future to protect its performers.

According to the statement, Axia’s break is due to the behavior of “antis” (a slang term for viewers who engage in harassment and persistent aggression, often synonymous with “haters” in English). These antis make libelous statements about Axia on social media, as well as “maliciously spread fake news”. VTubers who collaborated with or are friends with Axia also received abusive comments and threats of violence. Some posted large amounts of Axia-related spam in streams Axia was not present for. For this, Axia had to apologize after every collaboration for the antis’ disruptive behavior.

In Axia’s announcement, he stated that he had communicated several issues to fans ever since his first Apex Legends stream. Viewers were “treating [him] like their son” or calling him “cute,” despite his asking them to stop. He brought up specific examples, such as viewers saying he’s “in his rebellious phase” when he asked them to refrain from such behavior.

Axia Krone a Nijisanji male VTubers, and part of part of the group “Edengumi”. He debuted in July 2021 alongside fellow members Lauren Iroas, Leos Vincent, Oliver Evans, and Lain Paterson.

Because VTubers other than Axia have been the target of anti behavior, Axia discussed matters with Nijisanji and requested a break from streaming. He said it is “for his mental health”. Nijisanji stated that it has already contacted legal counsel and law enforcement to discuss compensation with some identified offenders. They judged the behavior disruptive enough to streams that Nijisanji feels it can file suit for obstruction of business. Nijisanji stated that it will treat future incidents with the same gravitas.

Axia’s stream archives are available via his YouTube channel. It is unknown when Axia will return. Nijisanji opened auditions for English-language VTubers in March 2022.

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