VTuber Sakura Miko Will Take Brief Hiatus Due to COVID-19

Sakura Miko COVID-19

Yet another Hololive VTuber has contracted COVID-19, as Cover reported that Sakura Miko will be on hiatus. After discussions with her doctor and manager, she decided to take a break for a week and see how she feels. If she feels better after seven days, then she will likely resume her normal streaming activities. Cover also apologized for the worry this news may cause.

Sakura Miko felt sick for a while now, according to Cover’s tweet in regards to the VTuber’s hiatus. After she went to get a check-up, she found that she tested positive for COVID-19. On Sakura Miko’s personal Twitter account, she said that she went to the hospital because her throat has felt off for a long while. Though she does not have a fever, she has a sore throat and is coughing.

Many Hololive VTubers have ended their Golden Week vacation with a COVID-19 diagnosis. She is the fourth VTuber to go on a break for health reasons. Going off of the tweets, it seems like Sakura Miko has the lightest COVID-19 symptoms. Laplus Darkness, Murasaki Shion, and Minato Aqua are all also recovering, and all three of them have reported a fever as one of their symptoms.

Sakura Miko will take a week hiatus to recover from COVID-19. If she feels better at the end of it, she will resume her usual activities.

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