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As of May 9, 2023, VTuber Suou Patra is no longer a part of 774 Inc. She is now an independent content creator and will continue to use her current identity. Patra merchandise is still available on 774 Inc.’s website for those who wanted to buy something. However, the company will stop selling it once it runs out of its current stock.

The notification on the official Twitter account for 774 Inc. apologized for the sudden announcement and thanked fans for how long they’ve supported Patra. It also requests that fans do not bother other VTubers associated with 774 Inc. or ask them any questions about the Patra situation.

Patra herself has made a statement to us on her channel in regards to her departure from the company. Though she will be an independent VTuber, she will be allowed to keep her avatar and her channel. She will also continue to produce ASMR and gaming content. According to her announcement, she started thinking about leaving 774 Inc. after the the company disbanded Honey Strap. Honey Strap was a unit that Patra and five other VTubers belonged to. But on March 21, 2023, 774 Inc. consolidated it with Nanashi Inc.

We saw an upheaval in the VTuber industry starting in late March 2023. Many VTubers retired or graduated abruptly, with some companies experience an exodus en masse. All members of the third generation VTubers from Production Kawaii, as well as three streamers from VShojo, all left their companies. Judging by Veibae, Production Kawaii, and now Patra’s comments, disagreements between management and talent seem to be the leading cause of these current departures.

Suou Patra will continue her VTuber activities as a independent content creator from May 10, 2023.

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