Vyse’s Game Room


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Over the years I’ve bought and played a ton of games.  As I’ve played and bought, my collection has grown out of hand.  My parents have tried to stop my collection’s expansion from trying to limit the quantity of systems I was allowed to own to lecturing not to spend money on the week’s hot game.  These days they’ve grown to accept my sometimes unhealthy obsession, yet one problem still remained for a long time: where do I keep my constantly expanding collection?  My mother originally came up with the idea that we should keep them in Rubbermaid containers, stacked on top of each other.  The problem with this arrangement was that the games were hidden from sight, therefore my friends never knew what games they’d like to play from my library and even if they did, I’d have to lift heavy containers to get at that dastardly one at the bottom of the pile that held the prized title within.


Over the winter break, I decided to rectify the situation.  My old bedroom no longer had a bed in it as I brought it up to college with me so it had plenty of space and nothing to fill it.  I got the idea to put all of my games up on some customizable DVD/CD shelves and put an old arm chair from my teenage years (not out of tune with the nostalgia found in the collection itself) in the now vacant space.  I’ve finally put up the shelves, arranged the games the way I want them (though some alphabetization still needs to be done), and decorated the room accordingly with some oddities I’ve come across over the course of the years.  Of course, I’ve left some room for some of my other hobbies as well (records, comics, manga, novels, etc.).  Now all I need is a nice TV and a couple bean bag chairs and I’ll be ready to entertain!  Hit past the break to see the fruits of my labor.


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