Vyse’s View: South Jersey Classic


Store Front

The first Saturday of every month is not just an excuse to come home from college and get my laundry done.  It’s also a time for me to celebrate my favorite pastime.  My friend Nick owns a hardcore video game store called Next Level Games and holds a gathering he’s dubbed the South Jersey Classic.


Every month, people from the tri-state area travel to his shop to trade, buy, sell, and play video games with each other.  He stocks imports and classic games of all kinds and even has his own MVS arcade machine that he sets on free play.  Nick even holds a tournament every time with multi-player games of his choosing (sometimes to comic effect).  The gathering lasts usually until about 2:00 AM and Nick provides food and drinks for everyone.  I had a great time going to it this weekend and I thought that I’d share with you something that I do as an active participant in gaming culture.


What are your favorite gaming activities outside of the home?









Sega Rally




Trade Box 1


Trade Box 2