Warm Pokemon Merchandise Line Includes a Slakoth Onesie

Pokemon warm merchandise

In late October, The Pokemon Company will release a new series of Pokemon merchandise in Japan to keep you warm in autumn and winter. All of the goods follow the “Honwaka Poka Poka” theme. In Japanese, “honwaka” means heart-warming and “poka poka” is an onomatopoeia to indicate warmth. The goods will appear in the online store from October 21, and in physical locations from October 23, 2021

As one may guess from the name, Pokemon merchandise in the Honwaka Poka Poka are items you can use to stay warm. The key visual features Pokemon such as Vulpix and Wooloo relaxing in front of a fire while the window depicts a snowy winter night. There are also items such as an insulated water bottle, woolen shorts, and a parka.

Below is the full list of items in the series.

  • 3-way hooded Scorbunny blanket: 4400 JPY
  • Caramel tea & chocolate truffle tea: 1650 JPY
  • Slakoth eye pillow: 1980 JPY
  • Sizzlipede neck warmer: 1980 JPY
  • Slakoth onesie: 9350 JPY
  • Fennekin parka: 7150 JPY
  • Buneary shorts: 2200 JPY
  • Mask case: 550 JPY
  • Stickers: 660 JPY
  • Insulated food container: 2750 JPY
  • Stainless steel thermos bottle: 2750 JPY
  • Hand towel: 550 JPY
  • A4 clear folder: 275 JPY
  • Furry key chain (Flareon and Eevee): 990 JPY
  • Furry key chain (Vulpix and Buneary): 990 JPY
  • Badge collection (660 JPY)
  • 300 piece puzzle (1760 JPY)

Other recent Pokemon items include a large half-scale Arcanine plush from The Pokemon Center. Pre-orders for the Arcanine are open until October 31, 2021. There is also a Charizard Deluxe Nanoblock set from Kawada, which will go on sale in Japan from November 2021.

The Honwaka Poka Poka series of Pokemon merchandise will go on sale in the Japanese Pokemon Center online store from October 21, and in physical stores from October 23, 2021.

Stephanie Liu
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