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Warriors Orochi 4’s New Bridge Melee Mode Is All About Knocking Enemies Off The Stage



Warriors Orochi 4 is adding a new challenge mode called Bridge Melee in a November 29 update, and Koei Tecmo shared a video highlighting the new mode with comments from producer Masaki Furusawa.


Here’s the new video:


Jump back into Warriors Orochi 4 and test your abilities in the all-new challenge mode: Bridge Melee!

Race against the clock in this unique new game mode!

In “Bridge Melee” your objective is to knock off as many soldiers as you can before you’re tossed off or time ends! Officers will appear later on in the stage after you kill 3 deified units will appear!

Additionally, there is a special item in this mode called “Supergiant”! With this item, you can send enemies flying simply by jumping or running through them.

Grab your favorite trio of heroes and find the ultimate team that’ll lead you to victory!!


Warriors Orochi 4 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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