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Watch Disgaea 5 Complete’s Opening Movie




New media has arrived to pave the way for the North American and European debut of Disgaea 5 Complete. The Nintendo Switch game retells the story of Killia, Seraphina, Usalia, Red Magnus, Christo, and Zeroken as they attempt to seek revenge against Void Dark and his forces that have destroyed multiple Netherworlds. The opening video shows what people can expect when they first begin playing a digital or physical copy of the game, while screenshots show what it looks like on the Nintendo Switch.


As a reminder, Disgaea 5 Complete is essentially a director’s cut of the game. It is nearly identical to the original release, with the only difference being all DLC is included. This means you get the Plenair, Metallia, Nisa, Girl Laharl, Celestial Hostess, Kunoichi, and Sorcerer characters, as well as the eight Disgaea 2, Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4, Disgaea D2, La Pucelle, and Makai Kingdom Scenarios.


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Disgaea 5 Complete will come to the Nintendo Switch in North America on May 23, 2017, followed by a May 26, 2017 European release. The official website is now open.

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