Watch: Final Fantasy Anniversary Trailer


ffone.jpgA new trailer for Final Fantasy Anniversary has been released. Those familiar with Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II pretty much know what to expect from their new PSP updates along with other nice features that are exclusive to the PSP; but the most interesting part about the trailer is what it says at the end.

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"And more…"


That alone implies that there may just be something else in store for the classic Final Fantasy games. Could it be that other entries in the series such as IV, V, and VI are going to get PSP cosmetic upgrades with luscious high resolution 16-bit graphics (or maybe nice cel-shaded graphics a la Jeanne d’Arc), or perhaps even the PSOne entries getting a new PSP upgrade? Better yet, could some of the PSOne entries be getting a DS remake? Who knows…limitless speculation afoot!


Watch the trailer and see for yourself. After all, the trailer does say "The World of Final Fantasy spread out across Playstation Portable."



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