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Watch Giorno Giovanna Fight in a Jump Force DLC Trailer

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The Giorno Giovanna DLC isn’t ready to join Jump Force just yet. However, people have a chance to get a better look at the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure hero and his Stand, Gold Experience Requiem. The latest trailer from Japan gives people a chance to see how a full match with the character looks.

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The video begins by showing off Giorno entering the fight against Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Seto Kaiba. Appropriately enough, both DIO and Jotaro Kujo are on Giorno’s Jump Force team. (Naruto’s Gaara and Rurouni Kenshin’s Makoto Shishio are on Kaiba’s team.) While Giorno does take a few hits along the way, it’s primarily a means of showing off his moveset and what he’s capable of with Gold Experience Requiem’s support.

Here’s the full video showing off the Giorno DLC in Jump Force. You also get quite a few chances to see Kaiba, Shishio, and Gaara’s special moves too. It all finishes with Gold Experience Requiem landing a devastating attack.

As a reminder, Giorno is the last piece of DLC we know about. He’s a part of the $17.99 Characters Pass 2, which also added My Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki, Hunter x Hunter’s Meruem, Yu Yu Hakusho’s Hiei, and Bleach’s Yoruichi Shihoin. Each character is $3.99 alone.

Jump Force is available for the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC, and the Giorno DLC will be out in Spring 2021. In case you missed it, screenshots of him are already available.

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