Watch: Yoake no Mariko, Spumco and Sony’s crazy collaboration



Remember Spumco? They're the animation studio behind the Nickelodeon classic Ren & Stimpy. However, since Ren & Stimpy ended, we haven't heard much from them (aside from The Ripping Friends, but I think we'd all rather forget that one). They made great cartoons, that's for sure, but did you know they also had a hand in video games? Way back in 2001, not long after the launch of the PS2, Spumco and Sony collaborated to create Yoake no Mariko.


What is Yoake no Mariko? Well, it's…a voice acting sim. Strange, I know. Even stranger is that Spumco, an American animation studio, did character designs and opening animation for a Japan-only game. Gameplay consists of using the PS2 microphone (which Japan apparently got a long time before the US)to speak the characters' lines throughout different scenarios. Want to see the game in action? Take a look at the video above!


Image courtesy of Sony.