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Way Of Samurai Gaiden: Katanakami Introduces Its Action Triangle And Stances

way of the samurai gaiden


Spike Chunsoft has released information regarding the triangle of actions you can perform in Way of the Samurai series spinoff Katanakami, as well as the stances and katanas you can carry. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


For those unfamiliar with Katanakami, the game is a spinoff focused more on the hack and slash elements of the main series, featuring procedurally-generated dungeons and katana creation.



In Katanakami, you can Attack, Guard Break, and Defend. Attacking includes light and strong attacks, and are strong against Guard Breaks, which include kicking and throws. Guard Breaks are good against Defend options, which include blocking and evasion steps. Finally Defend options are good against regular Attacks.


This game also has the concept of sheathing and drawing your blade. By having your blade unsheathed, you can always be ready to take on enemies, but your movement speed is lowered. When sheathed, you are less likely to be tripped by enemy attacks, and by sheathing for a certain amount of time, you’ll activate ‘Bafu’ (Buff), which strengthens your katana attacks, and also allows you to use the strong, wide-ranged ‘Bamu’ attack.


Stances & Katanas


In this game, what weapon you use decides what stance you take, with there being a total of nine stances. Actions change depending on your stance, and also have special effects. For example, the Middle Stance decreases damage taken from enemies, while the Bare-armed stance increases Flash (Critical) chances. Each katana also has its own skills to use, and there are over 100 katanas to collect and equip.


Katana Time & Kiwami


By defeating enemies in dungeons, you’ll collect Orbs that will charge the Orb Gauge, and allow you to activate Katana Time. When Katana Time is active, you won’t lose health or katana durability, you’ll get increased movement speed, and won’t flinch from enemy attacks, and more. If you charge the Orb Gauge up three levels to the max, you’ll be able to unleash the devastating Ougi finisher that changes depending on your stance.


By blocking or dodging enemy attacks at the perfect timing, you’ll be able to activate the strong Kiwami attack. If there are still enemies nearby, you can perform the Consecutive Kiwami attack at the right timing. If you defeat the enemy, you can continue Consecutive Kiwami.


Katanakami releases on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC in early 2020.

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